About Us

Styles&Wood provides a fully integrated range of professional and contracting services. Specialists in project delivery, our integrated business model provides a robust platform from which we can connect and adapt to the evolving needs of our customers.

We operate nationally from our head office in Sale, Manchester, with regional offices in London and Nottingham, and via our joint venture with Dutco Styles&Wood, in the United Arab Emirates.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

At the heart of the company lie our values; they drive us, guide our decisions and they’re fundamental to the way we work. Our collaborative and respectful approach drives our customer focused agenda. Our people tackle each working day with an innovative, agile and inspiring outlook, whilst all the time remaining responsible for successful project delivery.

'Working together to make a difference' is more than just our vision and we truly believe we have the right mix of skills, expertise and confidence to make that happen.

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The Plan!

'The Plan' our Health & Safety ethos is adopted by everyone at Styles&Wood and with every colleague taking responsibility for safety, it stays at the forefront of our agenda.

Tried and tested SHEQ procedures are underpinned by audit, support and guidance from our Compliance Team, resulting in industry leading safety performance.

By bringing our training in house, we’ve been able to shape and deliver courses and learning based on our working environments. By opening this up to our supply chain partners, we’re confident that our people are trained, competent and working to a standard that surpasses the minimum requirement.

Supply Chain

At Styles&Wood we like to think of our supply chain partners as members of the Styles&Wood team. We work alongside them to provide them access and opportunities to develop and grow their business, whilst helping to develop and grow ours.

Approximately 90% of our supply chain partners are SMEs. By building local clusters of material suppliers and subcontractors, we are able to keep approximately 60% of all project spends within local postcodes.

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