The success of any business is largely down to its ability to successfully attract and retain the right type of employees, however, I believe that appointing suitable colleagues just isn’t enough, and providing a setting that allows staff to be as productive as possible is absolutely key.

We are now seeing an increased number of businesses reacting to this by making a number of operational changes to the way they work on a daily basis, including the introduction of remote working and hot desking policies – but is it having the desired effect?

Within our parent company Extentia Group’s recent report, “Overcoming the UK’s Productivity Challenge”, almost two thirds of respondents (64%) said that people came in early to work to get the best seats even if the early morning isn’t when they are naturally more productive. Over half were concerned that this forced people out of their normal work hours and that they were arriving already tired, even before the day had started. This suggests that some employers are missing out by failing to provide inspiring and supportive environments for their staff to work more effectively during their most productive periods of the day.

Hot desking can drive agile and flexible working, helping to boost productivity and engagement levels, but it is imperative that businesses seek expert advice and take their time in order to find a solution that is fit for purpose – or they may be negatively impacted by a disengaged workforce.

When transforming your office to incorporate hot desking, it isn’t simply a matter of asking people to clear their drawers and remove the picture frames including images of loved ones! The workspace has to be carefully configured and optimised to create an environment that encourages collaboration and productivity, whilst any obvious advantages and disadvantages of sitting at any particular desk have to be neutralised, so employees feel free to arrive at the office at a time that coincides with their most productive hours.

At Styles&Wood, our specialist interiors team are experts in the delivery of CAT B and CAT C fit-out and refurbishments. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their needs and objectives with a strong focus on enhancing spaces to blend form with function. We have created numerous exceptional working spaces that incorporate hot desking, and we are proud that our carefully considered designs are helping our valued customers to boost productivity levels.

To download “Morning Larks vs Night Owls: Overcoming the UK’s Productivity Challenge”, click here.


written by

Andy Shaw

Operations Director


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