Martin Ward, director at iSite, the technology division of Styles&Wood, gets to grips with the world of big data, and why increasing numbers of facilities managers are utilising building intelligence to harness on-site information and operate more strategically.


“Clichéd as it may be, knowledge is power. Not knowing what state a sister property is in, or not having a supplier’s schedule to hand, can lead to problems for facilities managers working across multiple sites. In today’s working environment, there is a pressure to keep costs down and make the most of every last resource.”


“In instances where an FM division is responsible for the running and upkeep of multiple sites, harnessing mass information and data in a single intelligence platform can be a powerful tool.”


Our work with Nationwide

“The possibilities of building intelligence are demonstrated by a project which iSite has developed with Nationwide Building Society. The financial institution’s Business Services division is responsible for managing a portfolio of 800 branches and 20 supporting administration centres. We’ve worked together over a number of years to create The HUB, a building intelligence platform that has enabled the organisation to drive down the costs associated with its property estate, helping to transform what was primarily a technical department into a small team of expert clients who are much better equipped to manage suppliers and make long term decisions.”


“Key to achieving this was equipping the team with a single, consolidated view of all property and facilities information by connecting the HUB directly with Nationwide’s outsourced partners and its existing systems.”


“The solution has succeeded by turning what was previous ‘just data’ into valuable knowledge that the group services division is now able to actively use to maximise its property assets and get the best out of its supply chain.”


“Ultimately, by embracing building intelligence, the organisation has reduced its operational systems, while still retaining the crucial information it needs to make informed strategic decisions.”


“As all sectors of the economy strive to get to grips with the challenges and opportunities presented by big data, building intelligence is emerging as a key tool to help FMs harness the information that can inform and improve productivity and drive strategic thinking.”


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